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Technical Resources

Technical Resources
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Yolanda Naticchioni

Technical Resources
Decorator ~ Imperial Glass Co., Bellaire, OH.

Yolanda Naticchioni started at the Imperial on July 5th 1935 and worked until the end of July 1983. During her 48 years she worked in all departments at Imperial with the exception of the mold shop, finally settling in the Decorating Department.

Carmen Nedel
Technical Resources
1974 ~ Lenox Crystal, Mt. Pleasant, PA. {1095}

Irene Nelson

Technical Resources
1974 ~ Corning Glass Works, Parersburg, W. Va. {1099}

James Nelson, Sr.

Technical Resources
1974 ~ Mr Nelson, 75, died recently, he was one of the original glass blowers at the Libbey division of Owens-Illinois, retiring in 1961, after 33 years' service. {1105}

Walter Von Nessen

Technical Resources
Industral Designer

Walter Von Nessen’s training, prestige and work in Germany during the early ‘20s, before emigrating to the United States in 1925 at the age of 35, was rooted in intricate manufacturing as well as furniture design techniques — invaluable groundwork for his own unique design concepts.

By 1930 critics, manufacturers and museum heads were beginning to refer to him as an industrial design trailblazer and champion of modern design.

It may seem strange that the A. H. Heisey & Co., Newark, OH., with all its “in-house” talent, would turn to an “outside” designer whose business was rutted in architectural and industrial design. However, it was the trend of the day for manufacturers of glassware to go outside the field in search for new designers.

With an established architect and design firm in New York City, Heisey’s first contact with Walter Von Nessen seems to have been late in 1934 when Rod Irwin went to New York to meet Mr. Von Nessen. They discussed the possibility of Walter designing some items for Heisey to display in a special exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum in November of 1943. Mr. Von Nessen’s association with Heisey continued over the next few years during which time he was to design several successful patterns. #1483 Stanhope, a pattern with a strong art deco flavor was named after Lady Stanhope, a wealthy English courtesan of the pre-Victorian ear, who owned the famous Stanhope Diamond. Another pattern designed by Mr. Nessen was Kohinoor.

Robert W. Newell

Technical Resources
1979 ~ International Vice President at Rodefer Gleason Glass Co., Bellaire OH. {1109}

William Newman
Technical Resources
1943 Watchman ~ Imperial Glass Co., Bellaire, OH. {1118}

Earl W. Newton

Technical Resources
1912-19?? Factory Sales Agent, Imperial Glass Co., Bellaire, OH.
1931-1940 Company President, Imperial Glass Co., Bellaire, OH.

Mr Newton, a factory sales agent, was appointed as president of the new company after its reorganization in 1931.

Mr Newton company president and general sales manager was in charge of the main sales office at 308 West Randolph Street in Chicago. Mr. Newton is credited with introducing the Cape Cod line.

1940– Unable to do justice to his dual responsibilities as President and head of Sales Mr. Newton resigned as President, passing the torch to Carls W. Gustkey.

Diane Nichols

Technical Resources
1974 ~ Decorating Department at Sinclair Glass, Hartford City, Ind. {1101}

Ed Nichols
Technical Resources
1979 ~Retired from Coring Glass Works {1107}

Ernest F. Nicholson

Technical Resources
Sales ~ A. H. Heisey & Co., Newark, OH.

Ernst Nickel

Technical Resources
1914 ~ Union Glass Co., Somerville, Ma., Secretary and Treasurer {1065}

G. O. Nickel
Technical Resources

Michael Angelo Nocera
Technical Resources
Imperial Glass Co., Bellaire, OH.

Emma Nordhaus
Technical Resources
Came to Cambridge Glass, Cambridge, OH., with the original Press Shop when the plant began operations. {1097}

Callahan Norton
Technical Resources
1979 ~ Anchor Hocking Glass Co., Lancaster, OH. {1112}

Jim Null
Technical Resources
1979 ~ Newley hired Moldmaker, Jim came to Brockway Glass Co., Mold Shop, Zanesville, OH. from Libbey Glass Owend Illinois, Toledo, OH. {1116}