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Cambridge Glass

October 17, 1901 — It all started under the name of the National Glass Company when A. J. Bennett was invited to take charge of this new company, he accepted giving up his china and glassware importing activities. Under his direction the first piece of glassware, a pitcher designed by him, was turned out in May, 1902.

The company was eventually bankrupted due to a natural gas shortage and severe financial problems. Mr. Bennett formulated a plain and eventually purchased the factory and its machinery from the bankruptcy, and the Cambridge Glass Company was born.

1939 — A. J. Bennett sold controlling interest of the company to his son-in-law, W. L. Orme.

In the early 50's Cambridge was producing an extensive line of more that 5,000 separate items in a modern plant, employing approximately 700 workers with a payroll that exceeds two million dollars.

1954 —

1960 — After being sold several times and with each failed attempt to become profitable the doors were closed for the final time. All of the assets were sold off with the Imperial Glass Company, Bellaire, OH, purchasing the majority of the moulds and equipment.

Technical Resources
The National Museum of Cambridge Glass:
136 South Ninth Street, OH 43725
Hours: April - October, Wednesday - Sat., 9:00 am - 4:00 pm