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Welcome to glassresearch.com, our passion is the American Glass Industry, the process of making the wares, and the workers who created the wonderful objects that we collect today.

Where does your interest take you — EAPG, Depression, Elegant, Vaseline, the wares from just one glass house, just one line of glassware, or maybe you collect just one color glass from any glass house, we hope that our site will interest you.

As you will notice, this site has a lot of information not listed, shown or just missing, this is because I will only use information from original documents that we own, not the "research" of others.

We welcome information from any one who is willing to share it with others. Be it a document that helps to date a factory or item they made, a picture of a craftsmen at work, or a page from a catalog, just contact us and we will be happy to post it in your name.

Please let us know what you think of our site, what you would like to see added or even if you think their needs to be a change, we want to know.

Technical Resources