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Imperial Glassware

The Imperial Glass Corporation of Bellaire, Ohio was one of the true giants of the American handmade glass industry. In its time, Imperial was the largest factory and produced more types of glass items than many of the scores of smaller glass companies that were located throughout the Ohio River Valley.

Over the years Imperial employed thousands of highly-skilled glass workers who turned out countless items of beauty in a wide variety of patterns, styles and functions. Today, Imperial glass is eagerly sought out by increasing numbers of enthusiastic glass collectors.

The Imperial Glass Company was founded by Edward Muhleman, a former riverboat captain and financier. Ground breaking began in December of 1901.

1904 — Production of wares begin.

1910 — Edward Muhleman retires selling the company to Victor G. Wicke, Secretary and Sales Manager of the company.

1931 — Imperial Glass Company is forced into bankruptcy. Reorganization followed and the Imperial Glass Corporation was born.

1958 — Imperial acquires the molds and equiptment of the A. H. Heisey Glass Co.

1960 — Imperial acquires the molds and equiptment of the Cambridge Glass Co.

1972 — Imperial was sold to the Lenox China company.

1981 — Imperial was sold to Arthur Lorch, a New York investor.

1982 — Imperial was sold to Robert Stahl, a Minneapolis investor.

In August 1984, Chapter 7 bankruptcy was filed and all of the assets were sold.