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Technical Resources

Technical Resources
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Tony Umferdorfer
Technical Resources
1979 ~ Foster Forbes Glass Co., Oil City, PA. {1108}

Carl J. Uhrmann

Superintendent ~ Imperial Glass Co., Bellaire, OH.

1953 ~ Superintendent Uhrmann, meets with Earl W. Newton. {1072}

Doug Underkoffler

1974-1976 ~ Salesman ~ Imperial Glass Co., Bellaire, OH.

Mr Underkoffler was a full time company salesman covering New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. He, along with Paul Karpers, was hired as a trial to see if company representatives were better for Imperial than independent representatives that the company had previously only used. In 1976 under Lenox, it was decided to return to independent Manufacturer’s representatives, Mr. Underkoffler continued his association with the company in this capacity until its closing.

Murel Underwood
Technical Resources
1979 ~ Retired from Coring Glass Works, Parkersburg W. Va. {1114}

Mary Uroviak

Waxer in the Decorating Department

Mary worked in the A. H. Heisey & Co., Newark, OH., decorating department as a waxer. She applyed melted wax with a brush to the areas of the glass which were not to be subjected to the acid "polishing" process wich restored the cut areas to their original shiny apperarnce. When glass is cut, the cut areas remain gray unless polished by hand or by dipping in acid.

Wife of Walter Gray, Heisey Glass Cutter.

Sherry Utter
Technical Resources
1979 ~ Coring Glass Works {1107}