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Technical Resources

Technical Resources
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Ed Ingram
Technical Resources
1974 ~ Anchor Hocking Glass Co., Lancaster, OH. {1097}

Ernie Inzana

Technical Resources
1979 ~ Brockway Glass Co., Inc., Brockway, PA. {1110}

International Representative (glass workers union)

Rodney C. Irwin

Technical Resources

Rodney C. Irwin born December 16, 1890 in Missouri. His family had been involved in the china and glass trade for two generations.

1914 - Rod went to work for A. H. Heisey & Co., Newark, OH. as a salesman. Serving in WW I, Rod returned to Kansas City and resumed his work with Heisey after the war.

Traveling six weeks at a time, from Kansas City through the mid-west from Minnesota to Texas. Rod carried his samples in huge trunks, Mrs. Irwin said they were nearly as big as her sofa. Each time he arrived in a city he’d unpacked, polished and arranged the glass on shelves and tables in the rooms which hotels had available for this purpose and the buyers would come to place their orders. He would pack up and travel to the next city.

Whenever Rod was traveling he was on the lookout for anything which could be used as a design for glassware. Rod was responsible for many new lines, he designed the Fred Harvey Round Crest, the #1508 Card Box, the New Era line, and it’s suggested, at least, the figural stems. He was responsible for the Sandblasting or Carving and purchased the first equipment for doing these. It was his idea to call in Macy’s buyer from New York to buy all the old glass stored in the bins which included a lot of Moongleam and Flamingo. He bought it all and Macy’s were able to dispose of it quickly at bargain prices and the bins were freed for new production.

Fall 1952 - Mr. Irwin resigned as advertising and general sales manager of Heisey.

Neil Isch

Technical Resources
1974 ~ Corning Glass Works, Greenville, OH. {1099}