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production of a goblet

Technical Resources

There are two general methods
of shaping molten glass,
Blowing and Pressing.
Let's learn how the lighter more delicate stemware is made when Blowing.

The Gatherer heats a Blow Pipe in the hearth of the pot then dips the pipe into the molten glass.

The pipe is turned a few times and is removed with a Gather of suitable size.

The Gatherer takes the gather to the
Marvering Table, it is rolled back and forth for pre-shaping and to solidify the Hot Metal somewhat.

The Gatherer raises the blowpipe like a trumpet and with a puff of his breath forms the first Bubble.

The pipe is then passed to the Blower.

The Blower standing with a cork-lined mould below his feet received the pipe from the Gatherer and lowers the Bubble into the mould.

Gently blowing into the pipe, the bubble expands, forcing the Hot Metal to take the shape to the mould.

A few twists of the pipe back and forth erase any signs of mould lines.

The mould is opened and the pipe is removed, with the goblet bowl attached.

The pipe is handed to the Cut Down Boy.

The Cut Down Boy takes the blow pipe from the Blower and scores the ware with a diamond-tipped scoring wheel.

He then taps the Blow Pipe on a steel rod, known as a crack off bar.

Snapping at the score the ware falls free of the pipe, dropping into an asbestos—covered cradle.

The Cut Down Boy cleans any remaining glass from the blow pipe head and returns it to the gather’s rack.

Still red hot the ware is placed under a second mould and a 2nd Gather of glass is made.

Flowing like warm taffy the 2nd gather is dropped into the Mould and when the precise amount of Hot Metal has entered the mould, it is cut from the gather with a pair of Shears.

The plunger is placed atop the mould and engaged, forming and fusing the top of the stem to the bottom of the bowl of the Goblet.

The ware is removed from the mold and attached to an Inside Snap.

The ware is then Fire Polished and passed to the Foot Setter.

A 3rd Gather is made and brought to the Foot Setter and he attaches the precise.

With all parts still red hot, the Foot Setter twirls the ware back and forth on his bench while using a wooden paddle to shape the foot.

The ware is removed from the snap and is given to the Carry Out Boy.

The carry Out Boy places the ware on the Lehr for Annealing.

The ware will now make the long journey as it is slowly cooled for tempering.

Emerging at room temperature the ware is inspected, stacked on carts and sent to the Finishing Department.

The first stop in finishing is the Cracking off Station.

The Goblet is cut to the proper height by a carborundum wheel and the application of a sharp flame.

The sharp edged of the rim is ground smooth then polished by antoher sharp flame which actually melts the rim until the edges are round.

After a second annealing, the Goblet is complete…. or is it?

It may go to the Shipping Department or it me be sent to the Decorating Department for ornamentation.